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Jay McFadden

Senior Pastor

Place of birth: Dewitt Army Hospital, Fort Belvoir, VA.

Family:  I am more than happily married for 34 years to the love of my life, Karin. I met and married Karin while I was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Karin and I have three (3) grown children, all of whom were born in Germany, that we are very proud of.  Mandy, our oldest, lives in Fort Worth and works at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House. Samantha, our middle child, is an amazing mother and wife. She and her husband, Bradley, also live in Fort Worth, and are the proud parents of our two beautiful and joy-giving grandchildren, Noah Ryan and Amelia Rose. Erich, our youngest, works for a world-wide paint distribution company and is married to his beautiful wife and our "third daughter," Alli. They live in Burleson.  

Favorite pastime: Besides spending as much time as I can with Karin, I enjoy riding my Victory Vision Tour motorcycle! The open road is such great therapy! I hope one day to ride Route 66 all the way from Chicago to California. 

First concert ever attended: Electric Light Orchestra

Favorite verse and why: "I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance." - John 10:10b  God has given me such an incredible life filled with love, laughter, and a life-calling like none other!  I have a family I deeply love and who deeply love me and I have a very close-knit group of "3:00 a.m. friends."  I am a man blessed amongst men! 

Favorite food: A great steak (medium well), baked potato (loaded), green beans, (Del Monte cut) and a side salad with Thousand Island dressing, followed by at least one scoop of Blue Bell ice cream (any kind).  This is  followed closely by Wiener Schnitzel, German-potato salad, Rotkohl (German red cabbage) and Spaghettieis for dessert. (Google it and drool) 

Most embarrassing moment: There are just too many to pick one, but the most recent occurrence was during one of my sermons on a Sunday morning. While teaching about ways to express humility towards God, I wanted to say "fall prostrate before God" but instead said, "fall prostate before God."  I tried to correct myself, but instead said the exact same phrase again.     

Random facts:  I am an avid Texas Rangers baseball fan; I love to keep my vehicles clean (another form of therapy); I collect eagles (plaques, paintings, etc...); I speak fluent German; and peanut-butter cookies are awesome!