Connect Church Mission

Making disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love people, and impact the world!

Core Values

Bible-Based Teaching

Our desire is to help you grow in Jesus through Bible-based teaching. A disciple is a student and follower of Jesus Christ and is called to a life of teaching others. God divinely inspired and preserved His word so we would learn His love for us and His instruction to us. 

We seek to investigate relevant, cultural life issues through doctrinally pure, Biblical theology. Our calling as Christians is to encourage, equip, and make disciples of men, women, and youth. They then, through their lives and love for others, can equip and encourage others to the faith.

Spirit-Led Worship

Worship begins in each individual’s heart praising God. 

Corporate worship is a time of celebration, praising God as one body through music and teaching of God's Word. As a part of worship we invite His Holy Spirit to do whatever He wants, however He wants, whenever He wants. Celebrating baptism and communion (Lord’s Supper) present an opportunity for the church to worship God through receiving, remembering, responding and rejoicing in the work of our great King.

Faith-Filled Prayer

Through prayer, talking with our Savior, individually and together we trust the Lord for guidance, revelation, comfort, faith, and healing.

God-Generated Giving

The Bible teaches that we are to give back to God 10% of our income, called a tithe. Tithing is gladly trusting God to provide for our needs, acknowledging that God owns everything.

Grace-Centered Community

We love people through grace-centered community. As we seek to reflect the life and teachings of Jesus demonstrated in the gospel, we love and recognize the value of all people. 

Within Connect, we experience community and develop relationships through small groups and Bible study. Community is a safe place to share your struggles, receive support, be encouraged, and do life together. We value all people by loving them as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. 

If you are visiting Connect Church, our prayer is that you will feel welcome and invited as soon as you come in the doors.

Mission-Minded Service

Once we experience and receive the saving grace of Jesus, it is our pleasure and purpose to share this with others. Connect desires the overflow of our hearts to join God in what He is already doing in our community and the world. Living for and serving Jesus, involves local, daily interaction with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers as well as global interaction via short and long-term mission opportunities.